More About Me

Terri Danielson is a dedicated Real Estate professional determined to be helping you get the best price for your current and your future home. She is an experienced listing and selling agent for traditional, REO, HUD owned, and short sale properties. Terri has more than 38 years of experience in facilitating clients in selling their homes and assisting buyers of all levels find their starter home to their dream home. Terri dedicates herself to being the best and the brightest in her field. She attends every class, webinar and conference that is available to her in order to better herself in her business and extends that knowledge to her team, her clients and her fellow realtors.

Terri is a Buffalo, MN native giving her extensive knowledge of the area. She has a wealth of information about the local businesses, has a long-standing relationship with them, and she has an incredible relationship with the community.

Terri is not only an award-winning REALTOR® but also an award-winning Arabian horse breeder. She and her husband have been showing and breeding horses for more than 25 years. They have bred national caliber horses and have sold horses internationally. This is a passion that she shares with her family and her community.

Terri is also a proud mom of a son who also chose a career in real estate. She enjoys many things in her spare time such as spending time with the family, boating, going to their cabin, watching football and attending horse shows. One more fact about Terri: she is also a breast cancer survivor!